With the invention of the internet, and search engine improvements information has never been so readily available. With the click of a mouse you’re finding out all types of information on people businesses, and events… What kind of information is being served up to us, and who decides what is right or wrong? This is a world where brand names are few and far between, and anyone can write anything they want about whom or whatever they choose be it good, or bad. Now don’t get us wrong we’re all for free speech, but what if the news that was delivered to us was simply some person’s opinion… that is free speech … but not necessarily the truth… more of an interpretation. The 1st amendment that protects us from ourselves can also be used as a vessel for dangerous, harmful, and deceitful criminals to disguise, discredit, and extort money from both businesses, and consumers alike.

This blog is in particular response to a particular group operating in Montreal, Quebec. A group of people with a particular speciality all hailing from the earliest days of telemarketing, and fraudulent extortion… We assure you, and you won’t have to take our word for it once you continue to read. SPG Consultants is comprised of some of the industries finest… From Winston Grant the who is on the official Quebec business registry with ties to Brian Scott, Michael Scott, Rainier Narine, a man going by “William Prescott” which is likely an alias, and many more.

Here’s how it works… First they have their own scamming directories, and many seedy affiliates… They will first try to get you to buy their services, and confuse you with multiple phone calls from multiple fake enterprises. If they do get you and you have paid your bill great they have succeeded in the first step; their 1st source of revenue. All of a sudden another bill comes, and another… Once you catch on, and attempt to dispute the bill or sales with those companies, somehow you get a call or e-mail from SPG Consultants, Scamstoppers, Bustabill, and there are others. They explain they know of your misfortune, and that they fight these companies to the “death” , and that they can help get rid of the bills from these “scams”.  So now you pay them, and assume other bills or liabilities will be dealt with and rectified only to find out your credit rating has been affected, and unpaid bills are still outstanding, and voila their second stream of revenue. Often times they will try to discredit legitimate businesses like 411.ca, and many others that appear on the lists these scammers have created.  They are vultures, and the public deserves a place to come where you can decide for yourself who you will trust in the end…  Please visit the pages in the menu and protect yourself from doing business, or working with these people in any capacity if you do or you already have… More than likely it’s another way for them to get your information, and should expect it to end with more bills …

If you ever see either of these logo’s PLEASE BEWARE

spg consultants