Strategic Partnership Group, LLC

About Us


Darryl V. Stanford

President & Lead Consultant

I am an accomplished, versatile, and task-driven professional that demonstrates passion, dedication, good judgment, and adaptability.  I bring to the table 14+ years of extensive experience in providing strategic financial oversight and excellent decision-making skills in operational planning and management.  My core values include Drive, Determination,  & Delivery.


Erin B. Stanford

Commercial Real Estate Consultant

I have 13 years of commercial real estate experience, and I am a NC Licensed Real Estate Broker.  I obtained a MBA from North Carolina State University, and I provide leadership and oversight for small to large commercial properties. Property management, construction, and acquisitions are also areas of my expertise.


SPG Consultants

Strategic Partnership Group, LLC is a North Carolina Limited Liability Company (LLC) and is currently a certified Minority Business Enterprise.